Make sure you tune into the 10th anniversary of WWE’s Tribute to the Troops. It was an honor for me to be a part of this show that pays homage to our nation’s finest heroes. You will see footage from our weekend at the Naval Station in Norfolk, VA, and of course, I will face Layla in the live show that WWE put on for free for the military and their families. Be sure to tune in Tonight, at 9/8c on USA!

Check out some of my photos from my TTTT week in Norfolk below! From riding on a CRG-2 boat with the Navy, to getting the exclusive tours of the ships, to visiting wounded warriors at the hospital, it was a week I will never forget. The people I met, the stories I heard, and the sacrifices that are made day in and day out by our military men and women are the reasons why Tribute to the Troops is my favorite show of the year!

Visiting some of our wounded warriors and family at the Naval Medical Center:




Hanging with the guys at the shipyard!






You can’t visit the Navy without going on a boat ride!


I had no idea what kind of crazy boat ride I was in for!


He decided I shouldn’t be the only one who gets my picture taken. I agreed ;-)


I always feel right at home behind the 50 cal!


Visiting the USS Mesa Verde


I did my best to try to make this bunk look comfortable! I can’t believe the sailors sleep and live in here!


Of course I had to check out the gym on the ship!


Me and another top Diva – Miss Piggy at TTTT!


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  • Jack Brooks

    look like you and the troops had fun xD

  • Jess

    Beautiful pictures

  • Diazandnoches Josephjoejose

    Eve vs Miss Piggy book it WWE!!:D

  • Itzel Thorny

    Good!!!!! Eve is awesome!!!

  • Jeldorado1

    Nice and cool

  • RJ

    Lucky guys to get their picture taken with the lovely Eve. =)

  • Ruben

    Nice to see you pose with the automatic weapons with which so many . I would like you to do the same if it was you getting bombed by the Marine murderers. I would like you to live one day in areas stroke by the US Drones. I would like to see you then supporting the troops once you see the eyes of the innocent people they kill.

    • Jerihoar

      Oh well if that happens. Sucks to be them.

      • Davey

        You’re a lost cause.

    • BroiledSports™

      why are you commenting about this here? get lost

      • Davey

        I actually agree with Ruben on this one. Also, in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting I find Eve’s decision to pose with weapons in very bad taste. Weapons kill, whether at home or abroad. There are many other ways to boost your troops’ morale. Eve is idolized by many, so I hope that she’ll refrain from pandering to US military supporters in such a way in the future.

        • GoldenRimz

          Oh get over it you big baby. These things have nothing to do with one another. You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

        • dennett316

          I believe these photos were taken before the Sandy Hook tragedy – and way to crowbar in something so fresh in peoples minds in order to prove your insipid point – and Ruben is not correct in any way, he’s an idiot. They do not intentionally kill innocent people in the military, only one side deliberately targets civilians, and it isn’t the US or it’s Allies.
          They are not murderers, they are troops carrying out their orders as they are trained to do. You little sheltered idealists may believe there’s no difference, but you are so laughably wrong it hurts. Instead of your little keyboard warrior grandstanding, why not enlist and see what it’s really like in the real world?

          • “Keyboard Warrior” Davey

            I’ve obviously come to the wrong party. I’d rather not accuse (US/Nato) military personnel of intentionally killing innocent people, but your generalised statement doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. For example, that one notorious video leaked by Wikileaks instantly springs to mind.
            I’m not saying Eve shouldn’t support your troops, but that she should think twice before posing with weapons. And “murder” isn’t limited to people acting of their own accord, it can be perpetrated under order, or what do you think numerous Nazi officers were guilty of? And why should I enlist to fight in any army when a) I have plenty of other prospects, and b) I have no desire to kill/harm anyone, let alone for thinly disguised ecomomic reasons? Anyway, I’ve said enough in this matter.

    • Rick Mena

      Yeah Ruben, that is pretty much of an idiot statement to make. You need to take your posts elsewhere.

  • Thomas Carpenter

    One of those pics was taken on floor 7 of building 2 at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital. I know because I used to muster there every morning.

  • Jonus

    Lucky guys to be able to be photographed with Eve.