Yesterday on the 20th Anniversary of Raw episode, I had my last match in the WWE.  I have so much I would like to say to all of you who have supported me during my journey throughout the last 5 1/2 years, so I tried to sum up my thoughts in this video.

I truly cannot thank you enough.  Whether you loved me or hated me, you were still the reason I traveled thousands of miles, drove hours on end at night to the next town, ate terrible fast food on the road, put on my spandex, piled on too much tanner and makeup, and tried to be the best wrestler and entertainer I could be.  I am going to be reminiscing about my top five favorite WWEve moments over the next week.  Send me your favorite Eve moments/photos to @EveMarieTorres using #WWEve .  I will read every one!

I can tell you that while I will miss performing and competing in front of you immensely, I know that my time to accept new challenges and begin a new chapter in my life is undoubtedly here.  Thank you for taking me this far! Thank you Believers!

Here are some clips from my last match.

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  • Teresa Doran (:

    We love you Eve , Even though it’s sad that you’re leaving you will always be one of the best Wwe Divas ever ! I love you eve and hope you see this (: If so On Behalf of ALLL Your BELIVERS we wanted to say THANK YOU ! You showed us the true value of going after your dreams (‘: Never give up ! I love you eve ! ❤❤❤❤

  • José Orlando Rodriguez Rivera

    Thank you Eve, thank you :)

  • Rome

    You are great and will be missed. Also, really fun to look at.. :)

  • Roadpig

    At first I thought you were just beautiful, but your drive to improve in the ring won me over quickly. Thank you for respecting the wrestling business. Good luck with marriage, the self-defense program, & life in general.

  • stevef98

    When you’re sorted in and happy with Rener, would you consider a return?

  • Валера

    Come back to wwe(((((((((((((

  • Валера


  • Katherine (A True Believer)

    We Love you Eve and even though you will be gone from WWE We will Miss you so much ..You taught so many of us that it is possible to go after your dreams and succeed ..We are All Heartbroken to know you won’t be On WWE Anymore .But can not wait to see what the future holds for you .Your a Beautiful Person and i know you can succeed at anything you want ..Never Give Up !!! Love you EVE !!! Just know so many fans are Heartbroken that you are gone now.

  • Amelia

    Thank you Eve for showing us that dreams can come true if we work hard for them! Good luck and God bless in all your future endeavors, your fans will always be here for you!

  • LillyAnne

    I wish you all the best for your future, with your husband and hopefully with lots of little future-wrestlers ;) – You will be missed!

  • Jojo

    I could not stop crying I could not believe the news

  • Boots2CandyAsses

    thanks for years of entertainment! You are one of my favourite woman wrestlers, I hope you do return at some point! Enjoy your break, you earned it :)

  • Olga del Carmen

    Como WWE fan te digo que va a ser extraño no verte otra vez en el ring….he visto tu evolución durante todos estos años y justo ahora en tu mejor momento te vas….pero seguro esta decisión será mejor para tu vida…suerte y muchos éxitos en cada cosa que de hoy en adelante decidas hacer

  • Rob Bertrand

    All the best Eve. It was a great run!

  • Viveca Krishnamoorthi

    I`m going to miss you Eve. You are my rolemodel :) I wish you all the best for your future <3

  • Nely Baby

    I didn’t even start the video, and I’m already crying a river. I’m going to miss you so much Eve.

  • Guest

    Thank you Eve! ❤

  • Guest

    Thank you eve ! ❤

  • Simoc Adrian

    Thank you Eve ! ❤

  • Spanishboy

    Thank You Eve Best Diva Ever!

  • Erik

    I heard before Raw that you would be leaving the wwe and I was kind of sad since you are my favorite diva but I smiled for myself when I saw you was wearing your favorite color green in ring gear in your last match :) You will be missed!

  • Crystal Merino

    my sister litterally crying!!!!

  • Amélie MiZoou

    Hello Eve I from Belgium I’m really sad you know part of the WWE.
    The wwe without you wwe is not
    Will you come back one day to the wwe
    and Thank you Eve ! ❤

  • The Real Deal

    Mmmmmm, Na Na Na Na , Na Na Na Na , Hey Hey Hey , Goodbye :)
    Thank you Eve ! We’ll miss u very very very much !

  • Nadia Mazloum

    Eve, I honestly hope you read this, look how many people care for you, it’s amazing. You’ve done so much good for the WWE and made me a happier person! You’ve showed me that anything is possible if you beliEVE in yourself. You’ve inspired me, so much. I will miss seeing you on my TV every Monday & Friday night. But I would love to see you on Dancing with the Stars? Anyways, good luck in everything in your future, I wish you happiness & good health, also have an amazing wedding! You deserve it, XOXO!

  • Raymond Lynn

    i will miss you Thanks for all you have done for our Veterns. I’ve watched you in the salute to the troops Thanks again. You are a great person. and enjoy your future

  • Joy

    Eve let’s be honest here I’m almost crying because you were one of if not the best and most entertaining WWE Divas Champions and I just think from the bottom of my heart Kaitlyn doesn’t deserve that title as much as you do and she’s just a girl who’s there to be funny. Please please please try for a contract with TNA {Total Nonstop Action Impact Wrestling} you would be a great knockout. We love you and we will always be BeliEVErs!! <3 <3

  • Mason_BBlankLayla

    i actually started to crying :’(

  • Layla

    No se si lees este mensaje lo vayas a entender bien, pero quiero decirte todo lo que te admiro Eve, eres un ejemplo para todas las mujeres del mundo. Eres una de las mayores emprendedoras que nunca jamas haya visto, gracias por defendernos por hacer ver y saber que las mujeres somos iguales que los hombres que somos inteligentes y bellas durante todos estos años Eve as demostrado ser una gran mujer, fiel a tu publico te odiamos y te queremos al mismo tiempo pero desde el fondo de mi corazón te deseo lo mejor en tu futuro laboral y personas y espero volverte a ver alguna vez, solo quedan 3 divas veteranas ¿Qué sera de la WWE DIVAS? espero qué esto mejore, we love you Eve and we belive in you xoxoxxx.

  • laura

    you were the best ,sad that your leaving but hopefully there is wonderfull things ahead for you

  • ALEXEX from Bulgaria

    I’m so sad Eve that you’re leaving WWE…Without you the divas division will die sooner or later! Kaitlyn isn’t doing to be good divas champion..(not good as you!!!) but #ThankYouEve for being Eve – the best diva there was, the best diva there ever will be …and I am (damn) sure that I’ll never forget you!!! By the way WWE sucks because they put you in a bad storyline with super Cena and Zack Ryder.. just like they do now with AJ, super Cena & Dolph Ziggler….One more thing you were right the crowd should be cheering for you, but even if the crowd didn’t cheer for you.. I’d cheer everytime!!

  • tay,brandon,chris,and friends

    we will miss you eve u were my idol love u hope to see you soon me and my friends and i were hoping at wrestlemania 29 to meet you but its ok.our day will come no rush.

  • Rich

    Congratulations, you will be sorely missed from our homes every week. Was a highlight of every show when your music hit. You’re character was fantastic! Thank you from England! X

  • Bobby Gitelman

    Eve…words cannot describe how I feel right now. It’s going to be difficult to enjoy watching WWE without you. You’re a TRUE inspiration, a WONDERFUL woman, & an AMAZING person. Wherever you go from this point forward; I hope that you & Rener have a FANTASTIC wedding & I wish you nothing but SUCCESS & EVERLASTING HAPPINESS in your life. You’ve given me so many amazing memories & you’ve left a lasting impression on me & many others. I love you & I’m going to miss you. You will ALWAYS be in our hearts & we will NEVER forget you. Thank you for entering our lives & making us BeliEVE in you for 5 1/2 years. THANK YOU!!!


  • i miss you already eve

    omg why did you have to go:((( i cried when you were backstage and you quit :,,,,,,((((((((
    this suckssss :( ((((((

  • Charissa Scott

    We love you Eve, and Thank You for all the entertainment that you have provide over the years. No matter where you go or what your doing all us Believers will always support you. We look forward to cheering you on in the next chapter of you life. God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Chris

    I want to cry :(

  • Jarret

    Hi Eve, I just wanted to say thank you for being able to watch you in the WWE. You really are more than just another pretty face, and it was so much fun to watch you grow from Diva Search winner to 3-time Divas Champion. I’ve been a big fan since you joined WWE, and I have been so proud to watch you blossom into an elite athlete and into one of the top Divas of all time. Your work in the past year and a half has been especially awesome and you’ve really developed your character and come into your own as a performer. I’m sad that you’ve chosen to leave the WWE at a time where you were really on the top of your game, but I wish you nothing but the best in whatever it is you choose to do. Thank you for your time in WWE, thank you for your work with the troops and in empowering women. You’re truly an amazing woman, and you’ve certainly made a beliEVEr out of me. Thanks again for everything! We love you! Twitter: @jarretaubry5150

  • Celeste

    I cried my eyes out last night. I wish you didn’t leave. :( Hope you have a great time outside the WWE and hope you come back someday. I’ll miss you, Eve. ❤ You were my idol, my inspiration and the only diva in the WWE who made me smile. I made a sign for you so I could take it to the Royal Rumble but now you’re gone. You deserved everything in the world and people treated you like trash. You don’t and never will deserve that.

    You were the most kindest person I’d ever seen, (still are).. and I just hope we could be able to see you on TV again.. how I wish I could hear your theme song one more time, see your smile, everything.. :’(

    I’m sorry if it’s a long comment but I could just go on and on forever, telling you how much I miss you already, and tell you that you’re literally flawless. But I can’t. I’m pretty sure you’re busy doing something. Just wanted to let you know that I love you no matter what everyone else thinks.

    -Celeste #beliEVE

  • Jimmy Leighton

    I will miss you. I voted over 1000 times for you when you vied for a spot as a new diva. I am so sad you’re going. :-( God bless and take care. Come back soon.

  • mario betancourt

    Well I always want to see you but I couldn’t because I have to wait for you to come back love you eve torres see you if you are coming back

  • Jani and T

    Thank you Eve. Thank you so much for the years-your hard work and dedication in this business-thank you for giving us the inspiration to be ourselves and to go out and set goals for ourselves and to achieve our dreams. Such a beautiful person inside and out-We love you so much and will miss you and wish you the best.


  • @sokar248

    Eve really i will miss you <33
    you are is best diva ever
    you made me cry :'(
    please back to wwe someday <3

    i looove yooou so muuch

  • LifeLongGiantsFan707

    I will admit, when you turned heel and starting working for John Laurinaitis, it was not much fun to see. But in spite of all that, there is no question that you are without a doubt, one of the most talented divas I’ve ever seen in the WWE, someone with a skill set that could easily rival some of the greatest divas in WWE history. I will miss watching you perform bootysaults, and just watching you perform and I wish you all the best in whatever you do and success wherever your new life leads you.

  • Mervenur BELIEVE

    I hope you`ll be very happy and you should know you`re the best WWE DIVA ever I LOVE YOU and I hope you`ll be very happy with rener. I wish the best luck in your future and ever
    I LOVE YOU and we will never and I mean never forget the name
    EVE MARIE TORRES 3> 3>3>

  • Jason

    I liked you and didnt like you but, never hated you. I didnt like you as a heel. I wish they woulda turned you good again. Maybe you coulda made up with Zack Ryder. He`s been in a downward spiral since you went heel. I remember when you danced to RTruth, I miss that kinda stuff.

  • John Cooper

    Eve Torres you’re my most favourite WWE Diva ever and I hope in the near future you would consider a return. The division hasn’t got a future without you and Kelly Kelly as the good guys.

    You were awesome on Stars Earn Stripes and I’m sure your marriage will be a great success. I’m happy for you.

    P.S. In my opinion your heel run was a bigger failure than even I anticipated. And you were bang on about Zack Ryder. I never liked him.

  • Jasmine P.

    Thank you for giving us a female role model we can be proud of. We love you and we’ve been supporting you for 5 1/2 years, don’t see why we can’t support you any longer. We love you and wish you the best in everything you do. Please don’t be a stranger!

  • Ron Simmons

    God damn I’m gonna miss you so much…

  • SwissBeliEVEr

    Thank you Eve. You are simply the best WWE Diva in History. I am sad your living the WWE, but i wish you all the best for your future. You will be missed, but never forgotten. :-(

  • Kyle H.

    Hi Eve, the other night when you announced you were leaving, I stayed up late that night crying, because my still-favorite WWE gal left the very company that gave her (you of course :) ) the job in WWE for so many years. Still saddened to THAT aspect, but happy for you on some of your life plans you mentioned (engagement, the empowering women seminars and things alike. :) ), so to that aspect congratulations on ALL those nice things. Much love to you, Eve. LOL typing all this compliment stuff is making me try hard not to start tearing up, but, huge congrats for ALL the things you DID do for the WWE. Only thing I’m ashamed about in the WWE was in-directly bringing back the whole Lita, Matt and Edge backstabbing storyline by similarly doing that to you, Ryder and Cena (that is not nice of the WWE, because you and the fellas deserve better respect than that….in the same aspect that “Lita”, Matt AND Edge deserve respect. *Thank you Eve chant*. Much fan-love and respect. I hope your future life plans will go very well and your biggest fan here (Referring to myself) ❤❤❤❤’s you !!! You WILL BE MISSED, DARN IT !!! (sorry for the long response. Just have the intention of support for ya is all.)

    • Kyle H.

      Hi Eve, sorry, this’ll just take one second : Added to my PREVIOUS note……..throughout your entire HEEL character, I still found myself to be on your side. HAHAHA at the previous Wrestlemania when you kicked Ryder, I was in-between laughing and cringe-mode, because well for one it LOOKED like it hurt, but then I felt it was deserved because, storyline or not, calling you out to be a derogatory name out in public like that, wasn’t very nice and you deserve better respect than that. And I say again – like I in-directly said in my previous note – huge congrats to you and Mr. Gracie. I know you two are meant for one another, and BOTH y’alls biggest fan (referring to myself) is very happy for you both. :) Later, Eve – and crew. Be good, and enjoy the rest of 2013 !!!!!

  • dark56

    You were one of the greatest heels that wwe divas division ever had !! I will always remember your heel turn at wrestlemania 28 !

  • Max Cohn

    eve the wwe divas roster is just not the same without you it is so sad to see you go. I just would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the sport. wish you all the best for your future, with your husband and all. im sure you’ll be back once more to claim your spot in the hall of fame but until then you will be missed.

  • Alexander

    Eve is also right in what you say.!, You are a personality
    you have to prove what no one else and treat yourself to something.
    she is an amazing woman, and Eve is a businstrong woman in their personality, you have to ask what anyone under evidence, the respect you have become significantlyesswoman who can earn money in each work area.

    Respekt EVE !!!!!!
    is there are other beautiful things in life than to be in the ring.

  • Alexander

    now you have done enough, now even your edible and live a little.
    There are beautiful things to discover. :-)

    RESPEKT EVE !!!!!!


  • andre.N23

    thank you eve thank you eve thank you eve thank you eve thank you eve thank you eve

  • Mrs. Kressler

    Eve, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I do hope your marriage is as wonderful as mine has been and still is. It was very sweet of you to arrange to have your title loss to Celeste in her hometown. And to think, you got paid to slap Peanut Head. :)

  • rosco

    to be honest eve you were the only wwe diva i actually watched when the others or i lose interest but you have me watching your match like a main event because u look like the best tec diva not to mention the hottest you will be missed

  • Ronan

    Good for you. You have that special quality about you.

  • sugadev

    god damn, even indians like me will cry for you,the first day you were selected for wwe was my entertained day, so sexy girl,jumpy girl,sexy sexy,but the sad one is,i miss that sexy sexy,you slashed my heart well and leaving the big mark inside my heart,i love you, i love you,i love you and respect you sexy

  • Sarah :))

    I am really sad that you are no longer a diva in the wwe :/ but if you want to do other things in youre life it is fine :) I will miss you because i think that you are one of the greatest diva ever :) and my favourite eve moment ?? as you won youre first divas title <3

  • Robert Martin

    I am very sad to see you leave the WWE, but truthfully you are far too talented to be stuck there. I really hope that you make the transition to the big screen and would absolutely love to see you play Wonder Woman!! You have the perfect combination of exotic beauty and strength to pull that character off and make her believable again!!

  • Eric Okabayashi

    Eve, A very classy move on your part to do the title change in Houston, Kaitlyn’s hometown. Knew you were leaving, didn’t realize it would be this soon. Your thoughtfulness is one of your many strengths and will be one of many reasons for your success as you begin this new chapter in your life. Continued best wishes to you.


    Hey Eve, I think you are one of the prettiest and talented in ring WWE Divas today. I am saddened I won’t see your pretty face on Raw or Smackdown ever week. You have improved tremendously since you won the Diva Search and you departure along with others have downsized the divas. The division had picked up some and was looking forward to you competing with some of the NXT divas that’s waiting to be called up. I admit I was biased as I prefer you a heroic but slight edgier face diva. Even though it was a role I just didn’t like you heel character as the whole angle with Zack Ryder and John Cena was lame and fizzled out quickly. I don’t like either guy and the whole angle was just to bury Ryder and make Super Cena look good as The Rock and even Ryder was getting more cheers than him and Cena needed a storyline until the Rock return from making movies. Anyway I was hoping you would return to WWE later this year for a final run to redeem your character and have a proper farewell. I wouldn’t mind seeing you as a face fight a heel AJ, make amends with Kaitlyn and team together to fight other heel divas, or a compete in an actual title match at Wrestlemania 29 or 30. If you don’t come back I support whatever decisions you make and wish you the best.

    PS Ever thought of doing movies or starring on a TV show. You can become a female Dwayne The Rock Johnson and do action and romantic comedies.

  • Cesar Gallegos-Kuilan

    Thx u eVe for the years of entertainment. You’re my all time favorite diva. I will miss u. Lots of Luv.

  • ZackTy2010

    Missing you Already Eve! You were definitely one of the GREATEST Divas the WWE has ever seen! I’ll miss seeing you on TV and with the Divas championship placed around you! I wish you luck in whatever your next path in life is! Forever and Always a BeliEVEr! Thank you for being so amazing!

  • Tarasow Wladimir

    Why leave the most best? Eve for me you the most best. I respect you that you industrious person that you always obtain its purposes, you example for all who wants what that obtain in lifes. WWE have lost not diva but talented person who each week shine on ring. Love you my good, want you greater success in all project, and wait new victories from you :) i am Believe you! EVE MARIE TORRES ❤❤❤

  • Tarasow Wladimir

    Why leave the most best? Eve for me you the most best. I respect you that you industrious person that you always obtain its purposes, you example for all who wants what that obtain in lifes. WWE have lost not diva but talented person who each week shine on ring. Love you my good, want you greater success in all project, and wait new victories from you :) i am Believe you!

  • Tarasow Wladimir

    Without you Eve Divas Division is no more:(

  • Roger Chico De Coster

    Congrats on a great WWE career and thanks for entertaining all of us. My best to you on your future endeavors and enjoy your Jiu Jitsu and Women’s Empowerment! Thanks for Keeping it Real!!

  • hbk the sexy boy

    felt bad when u left but am happy for u

  • jkreig

    We are going to miss you Eve!!! You have been by far my favorite WWE diva ever! I enjoyed watching you blossom from just another pretty face into a 3 time Woman’s champion! You were both talented inside and outside the wrestling arena. There were numerous moments that I truly enjoyed and because those out number your stint working with John Lerenitis (lol), I will forgive you for those months :) . Congrats on your marriage – may it bring you many blessed years to your life as mine has to me. Good luck with all the many paths life takes you down.

    (sorry I can’t resist asking this) Is there any chance that you would grace us with an appearance or two on TNA wrestling to show all the women there what it really means to be a world class women’s athlete? PLEASE. God bless you in the future – hope we haven’t seen the last of you.

  • omar the rising son

    hello eve this is Omar Saunders from Brooklyn NY. I just want to say that as much as I wish I was your boy friend I wish you good luck in you life. your better then Elizabeth Ann Hurlett. I believe you know who she is. Any way god bless you. Maybe if you come to NYC sometime we could go out to dinner but only if you make me pay. I would feel good about myself doing that for you. I have no funny intentions please believe me when I say that. My brother is a big fan of yours. If you would like to email me its or if not I am ok with that. anyway good luck