When it comes to transforming lifestyles from unhealthy to healthy, a lot of people are intimidated by what they feel are “major changes” i.e. extreme diets/ extreme workouts. 73% of dieters admit to not seeing their diets through to completion, so you are not alone!

As amazing as it would be to become an overnight health nut, it’s not always realistic… things like work, school, family pressures etc require our attention, and somehow, even when we start out with the best intentions, we slip back into old unhealthy habits.

Friends often ask me what the best way is for them to initially change their lifestyle into a healthier one, my answer is always the same… keep it simple! There are tons of little changes that you can implement today, that are not overwhelming and that in turn will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. Then, when you feel you’re ready, you can tackle a larger commitment, like a steady exercise regiment or specific diet.

So my suggestion is always to keep it simple at first, and then slowly but surely ramp up to your goal.

Here are a few simple changes that you can make TODAY to your daily lifestyle that in time will in time produce results of wellbeing.

• Ditch the elevator- always take the stairs.
• Don’t meet your friends for “dinner” or “drinks” to catch up, meet them for a walk on the beach, or a stroll in the park, or a hike!
• Say no to the late night sugar rush (cereals, ice cream etc)- opt for a fruit bowl!
• Don’t buy unhealthy food! You can’t reach for the potato chips while you’re watching tv at night if you haven’t bought any!
• Don’t email your coworkers if you can avoid it- get up, and ask the question in person.
• Plan your meals ahead of time- it’s easier to make healthy choices when you’re not making food decisions when you’re already starved!
• Ditch the DVR and turn TV time in active TV time- i.e. stretching while you watch your shows and doing crunches during the commercial breaks.
• You don’t have to cut out carbs entirely- but commit to only eating them in your breakfast and lunch meals. Make dinner time carb free!
• Go out dancing, or dance in your room- get your heart rate up and have fun!
• Offer to walk your neighbors dog. Animals are great food for the soul, and walking is good exercise.
• Grab your friends and sign up for a group fitness class, something fun, like dance, zumba, or martial arts like jiu jitsu!
• Go for a swim, it’s super refreshing and good exercise.
• Trade in soda for water, and starbucks for green tea… you’ll shave off tons of unnecessary calories.
• Laugh- it’s good for your abs!

Even though the results may not be as extreme as losing 20lbs, you will achieve an overall sense wellbeing, you’ll feel less sluggish, and more inspired, which in turn, will motivate you to tackle a more committed workout/ eating plan. Stay tuned to for more health and wellness tips!

Eve Torres

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  • jackson torres

    love all your blogs eve inspire me so much a million thankyou’s for the inspiration

  • Eduard

    How people can’t love Eve? I never understand this. Maybe, people who love WWE can hate her because of her view in last WWE’s months, but she made great job. She help people be beutiful and health. I am always appreciate this. Thank you for all, Eve. I hope you can’t stop do this in future.