What a journey this has been! As I near the end of my pregnancy, I’m overcome by emotion- it is somewhat bittersweet, but mostly sweet! These last 9 and a half months, have been absolutely incredible and the journey that Rener and I have been on with Baby R, has made me more proud than ever to be a woman! I truly enjoyed my pregnancy (most of the time) and even though I am extremely nervous and anxious to give birth and be a momma for the first time, I can’t WAIT to meet this little man that has been growing inside of me!

I have so many emotions, and the strangest part of it all is that I have no idea when he will decide to come. It’s totally up to him! Rener and I will keep everyone posted on Baby R when he finally decides to join us in this world. My love and gratitude is overflowing from all the love and support we received during this pregnancy. Thanks to all!

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  • Monet Dupree

    I am so excited for you guys.

    All the best. x

  • Woman

    Ugh, queen Eve. We need you to come back for one last run after you give birth.

  • A.J LEE :)

    1 More Match Plzz!