Dear Believers,

Hello from England! I wanted to take the time to briefly send you a message about Tuesday, November 6th.

As you know, I am a passionate advocate for our troops, and I support them in every way possible. That’s why I chose the USO as my charity on NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’. Thankfully, I was able to win and donate over $150,000 so they can continue with their amazing work. Now, I plan to support them in another way.

Thanks to our troops, we are able to live in a democracy where we have the privilege of exercising our vote. If you can vote, please do so. Let’s not take it for granted.

The elections on November 6th aren’t just about electing our president, they’re about making our opinions known on several issues and elected positions we vote for. Our vote sets the priority and this is our chance to let people know what matters to us. These issues and elected positions all have incredible impact on our daily lives. From setting the priorities for our schools and health services, to keeping our communities safe and secure, all elected officials make decisions – on our behalf – that affect the well-being of our families and communities.

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What I’m about to share with you is something I’m so passionate about… and is one of the most important videos that I have shared with you to date.

For those of you that haven’t heard what happened; a few weeks ago, surveillance video footage from a middle school in Indiana surfaced on the internet of a 13-year-old boy, Austin McDaniel, getting beat mercilessly and relentlessly by a 15-year-old bully while at least a dozen bystanders did absolutely nothing to help.

As if that wasn’t horrendous and brutal enough, 11 days later, Austin’s best friend, Logan, got beat up by the same bullies.

This story breaks my heart… and I’m asking you to join me in spreading this important message. It’s time for us to work together to empower the kids whose stories don’t every make it into the public eye. We must end this epidemic NOW.

The Gracie Family has been “bullyproofing” children for 85 years, and has concluded that there are only three solutions to bullying:

1) Bullyproof the Victims
2) Bullyproof the Bullies
3) Bullyproof the Schools

In this new video, Rener Gracie explains how each of the three solutions must be executed to have the greatest possible impact on our nation’s youth.

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Fear. Defeat. Hopelessness. Disempowerment.

About four years ago, I experienced a moment that changed my life. Even as a professional, hard-working woman who works out every day and is physically fit, I experienced a moment of complete disempowerment.

Traveling alone at night for work after a show, I was filling up on gas and snacks at a gas station somewhere between New York and Connecticut.  Three men inside the gas station approached me and were asking inappropriate questions about my plans for the evening.  As I tried to ignore them, they got more aggressive and crude, calling me names and commenting on my body.  They made it clear they wanted me to come with them.  The small man behind the counter looked as helpless as I felt, and I immediately realized that this situation could easily get out of control.  Reacting only to the immense sense of fear I felt, I dropped my water and snacks on the countertop without paying and bolted out to my rental car, only to be followed out by them yelling at me and calling me every derogatory name in the book. I locked my door, floored the gas, and drove off, only to pull over as soon as I could to regain my composure.


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In honor of Bullying Awareness month, Brodus Clay and I visited the Boys and Girls club of Hartford, CT.

We met with some incredibly bright young students, who had some insightful input as to how we will put an end to bullying together.

Bullying is a serious epidemic that must be addressed… and together we can make a difference! Join me in the fight against bullying. Be the one to start this conversation amongst your family and friends! Don’t be a Bully… Be a STAR.

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Today I want to share with you my new workout obsession… Amna’s Bollywood Dance Cardio!! As you know I’m a huge fitness freak… and not only is this is awesome workout, but it’s so much fun!

This incredible new fitness plan was founded and developed by my dear friend, fellow USC Engineering graduate, Amna Mazin, and is the perfect combination of Bollywood flair and heart pumping cardio!

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