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So I have something major I want to share with you all, and it’s solved one of my biggest pet-peeves while working out or training Jiu-Jitsu, and that is my hair being CONSTANTLY in my face!

Hands up, who’s constantly battling with hair falling in their face when they’re working out? Hands up, who’s really bored of this? And hands up, who would really appreciate an answer?!

Enter the Owl Be Sweatin’ headbands. Their headbands are absolutely fantastic! By staying firmly and comfortably in place, they allow me to exercise in total comfort, focusing solely on my technique & workout- NOT on pulling my sweatband, or hair, back into place!

This brilliant little discovery has truly added a more relaxed and eased dimension to my workout.

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The 4th Annual Gracie Immersion Camp will be very special! On June 17th, join the Gracie Family in Hawaii for a week of jiu-jitsu fun, tropical sun and incredible adventures! They will offer 4-Day and 7-Day packages with a variety of room packages at an amazing resort. This will be the best family jiu-jitsu vacation of the decade and you won’t want to miss it! Not only will you enjoy amazing Hawaiian adventures with the Gracie Family, but you will also train daily with fellow jiu-jitsu fanatics from around the globe! To learn more about the resort and exciting activities planned see below.

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I had the fun privilege of working with high school women last week at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that 1 in 4 women from high school to college age will experience a sexual assault. Annia Forte, a dedicated student at the Gracie Academy and teacher at Crenshaw High School, helped us bring the Women Empowered self-defense program to the school, free of charge for the school. It was a fun evening, the girls learned a ton, and everyone had a great time! Thanks to our Gracie Academy students and assistant instructors who dedicated their time to helping these young women learn some self-defense and boundary setting principles. Our hope is that we can bring this to the school, and many others, as an after school program!

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Happy International Women’s Day! So grateful for all the women who have helped me in my life, and for all those I have the chance to work with and meet from all over the world. There is so much work still to be done, and today is a reminder that we must keep fighting for one another!

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Eve and Rener are going #BeastModeForTheBrave to honor Eve’s friend and American Sniper Chris Kyle and his charity supporting veterans with traumatic stressors and disabilities. Eve met and worked with Chris Kyle on Stars Earn Stripes, an NBC celebrity competition show that benefited veterans charities. By winning the competition, Eve was able to raise $150,000 for the USO.

Despite being sick with the flu, Eve went #BeastMode Gracie style after being called out by former Marine Talon Smith!

No we can all help Chris’ legacy live on by supporting our veterans and going #BeastMode, challenging a friend, and/or donating funds to BeastMode4Brave.org

Nattie Neidhart and Mike Saffaie, you have been challenged to show us your #BeastMode or donate!

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a Women Empowered self-defense seminar at the annual Cherry Creek Diversity Conference at my old high school!  These groups of young women came together from all over the state of Colorado to participate in the conference, and my workshop was one of many that the students could participate in. Unfortunately, statistics suggest that 1 in 4 high school and college age women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.  My hopes are that each participant of the course left with a few techniques and self-defense principles under her belt that she can apply towards a safe and happy remainder of her high school and college career.

A special thanks to Tony Debelak & crew from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Aurora for helping instruct the seminar! Here is some more information on their school if you are a Colorado native looking into self-defense jiu-jitsu training! Click Here.

For more information on participating in the Cherry Creek Diversity Conference next year, please visit http://cherrycreekdiversity.org!

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Check out Rener and I on The Next Frontier with Chris Howard! We discuss next generation ways of solving major problems such as assault and bullying utilizing todays online technologies in game changing ways.

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Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD, and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s an action-packed and super entertaining film, and has a stellar cast and crew. As you may know, my character, Chancara, has a FIERCE cage fight with Valina (Ellen Hollman)! From armbars to moonsaults, we leave it ALL in the ring.

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